Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dr Hunter Douglas aka BiBentPenis resorts to more trickery in his quest for the link between the criminal mind and sexual deviancy

IgetUrWifeUwatch> and thick?
BiBentPenis> thick like cheese
IgetUrWifeUwatch> whoa
IgetUrWifeUwatch> head onmine is very big
IgetUrWifeUwatch> helmet shape
IgetUrWifeUwatch> heavy balls
BiBentPenis> does it hurt when you urinate?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> sometimes
IgetUrWifeUwatch> load built it does
IgetUrWifeUwatch> cock hard an pissin
BiBentPenis> man, I hate when that happens, makes me want to cut it off
IgetUrWifeUwatch> early morning alot
BiBentPenis> I am not married though, does that matter?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> then to top it off
IgetUrWifeUwatch> is ok
IgetUrWifeUwatch> to top it off
IgetUrWifeUwatch> the sights in this in this house in the mornings
BiBentPenis> sights, tell me, tell me!!!
IgetUrWifeUwatch> ah
IgetUrWifeUwatch> sometimes..even mom
IgetUrWifeUwatch> youknow
BiBentPenis> is mom hot?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> seein em half dressed for
BiBentPenis> man, that would make me pig iron hard
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes
IgetUrWifeUwatch> moms older but'gawd
IgetUrWifeUwatch> solid type
BiBentPenis> has mom got a name?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> busty
IgetUrWifeUwatch> kinda sassy lookin
IgetUrWifeUwatch> Genea
BiBentPenis> does she play bingo, I meet a lot of hot older women at the bingo game
IgetUrWifeUwatch> daughters make my cock hurt to
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes does loves it
IgetUrWifeUwatch> is busty
IgetUrWifeUwatch> solid
IgetUrWifeUwatch> makeup is hot always has been
BiBentPenis> do you ever try mom's underwear on, I mean, just to see what you look like?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you know
IgetUrWifeUwatch> heavy eye liner
IgetUrWifeUwatch> greasy shiny bright silver eye shadow
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes have
IgetUrWifeUwatch> an girdles
IgetUrWifeUwatch> slips
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you use to do that to?
BiBentPenis> promise not to tell anyone?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes promise
BiBentPenis> because I would hate to be made fun of.
BiBentPenis> I am wearing my mothers house coat and fuzzy slippers right now
IgetUrWifeUwatch> k
IgetUrWifeUwatch> ho gawd
IgetUrWifeUwatch> then you did like seeein her in her slips...hose..bras
BiBentPenis> she isn't hot like your mom though, tits kind of sag
BiBentPenis> and she has those blue lines in her legs
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mmmmm fuck yes
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mom juggs
IgetUrWifeUwatch> ooo gawd yesss
IgetUrWifeUwatch> hairy cunt
IgetUrWifeUwatch> be nice tah feel up
BiBentPenis> I never looked at it that way,
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes
IgetUrWifeUwatch> one day when you n her are home alone
BiBentPenis> mom was mean to me as a kid
IgetUrWifeUwatch> ho ...stern
BiBentPenis> yeah, tied me to the kitchen table and made me eat cat food,
IgetUrWifeUwatch> oh
BiBentPenis> it was pretty good
IgetUrWifeUwatch> her in her bra..slip..nylons?
BiBentPenis> yeah, bra, slip, nylons,
BiBentPenis> and tennis racket
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mmmmmmmm
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you got hard I bet
BiBentPenis> have you ever been smacked with a tennis racket by a women in her underwear?
BiBentPenis> It is humiliating
BiBentPenis> well, yeah I tried to get hard, but mom had my penis taped down, i think that is how it became bent
BiBentPenis> you there IgetUrWifeUwatch?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> bye
BiBentPenis> huh?
BiBentPenis> no wait
BiBentPenis> please
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes?
BiBentPenis> did I do something wrong?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> not my bag your chattin about sorry
BiBentPenis> what would you like to chat about?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> I like the "mom subject"
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mom n son things
BiBentPenis> ok
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you like that to don't ya
BiBentPenis> yeah, stuff, together right, naughty stuff
IgetUrWifeUwatch> taboo
IgetUrWifeUwatch> like beinhome alone with mom on a rainy day
BiBentPenis> oh yeah, eating micro wave dinners in front of the tv set naked and all hot and sweaty
IgetUrWifeUwatch> in your undies
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mom in her slip..clinging to her
IgetUrWifeUwatch> nylons on
IgetUrWifeUwatch> big shiny cup bra
BiBentPenis> and my Mr Johnson poking his way thru my undies
IgetUrWifeUwatch> beefy lookin
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes a tent
BiBentPenis> mom is real beefy, she wrestled in the 60's never lost a match
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you'd sneak looks at your mom?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> bye
BiBentPenis> what?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> bye
BiBentPenis> ok, she lost once in awhile
BiBentPenis> geez


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