Sunday, January 30, 2005

The strain is starting to take it's toll, Dr Hunter Douglas is grasping at straws as TakeMyEnemaPlease

sharon> potty play
TakeMyEnemaPlease> hi sharon
sharon> hi...m or f
TakeMyEnemaPlease> m
TakeMyEnemaPlease> man
TakeMyEnemaPlease> I'm a guy
sharon> ok...r u bi, stright or gay
TakeMyEnemaPlease> I guess I am meterosexual, that's the big thing these days, isn't it?
TakeMyEnemaPlease> haha, I almost typed meteor sexual!!!
sharon> I guess so
TakeMyEnemaPlease> you don't like me, do you?
sharon> yes...I love messy scat and pee play...humiliate and abuse me if you like sir
TakeMyEnemaPlease> Whoa, do you mean it?
sharon> YES
TakeMyEnemaPlease> I can't believe it, this is the first time anyone has acknowledged my existence in here.
TakeMyEnemaPlease> Are you gassy?
sharon> tell me bout you
TakeMyEnemaPlease> Did you just fart?
sharon> yes...need to shit for past 2 hours
TakeMyEnemaPlease> you must have strong muscles, I mean a half hour after dinner I'm right in the toilet crapping away.
TakeMyEnemaPlease> what would you like to know about me?
sharon> hubby makes me hold it...have an inflatable buttplug in right now
TakeMyEnemaPlease> do you have an air pump to inflate it?
sharon> a pressure bulb like on a blood pressure cuff
TakeMyEnemaPlease> what's your hubby do for a living?
sharon> he deals meth
TakeMyEnemaPlease> Damn, it stinks in here, did something crawl up your ass and die?
TakeMyEnemaPlease> sorry, that was uncalled for
TakeMyEnemaPlease> when you said your husband dealt meth I was just trying to impress you
sharon> smokin some right now
TakeMyEnemaPlease> far out, give me a toke
TakeMyEnemaPlease> are you just leading me on?
sharon> no....I'm so fuckin horny and high
TakeMyEnemaPlease> You should put some Hendrix on
TakeMyEnemaPlease> Purple Haze, yeah baby,
sharon> why not
TakeMyEnemaPlease> well cripes sake, do I have to do all the work?
TakeMyEnemaPlease> have you ever been anally probed?
sharon> almost daily
TakeMyEnemaPlease> you know what would really be cool?
TakeMyEnemaPlease> if you, or me, were abducted by aliens and they butt probed us, omg, that would be so far out!!!
sharon> I love being sexually abused
TakeMyEnemaPlease> by aliens?
TakeMyEnemaPlease> I have to be honest with, can I be honest with you?
sharon> yes..sure
TakeMyEnemaPlease> I am actually Kryblar from planet Detox
sharon> whatever
TakeMyEnemaPlease> seriously, I was sent her by the high council to find breeding stock among the earth people
TakeMyEnemaPlease> I can read your thoughts, you know, and I don't appreciate what you are thinking about me.
TakeMyEnemaPlease> Kryblar to the High Council of Detox ... my mission is not going well, I told you I thought Uranus would have been a better choice than Earth
TakeMyEnemaPlease> sharon???
TakeMyEnemaPlease> can I borrow some meth?
sharon> sure
TakeMyEnemaPlease> so, you do understand my mission!
sharon> not sure..tell me
TakeMyEnemaPlease> well ::beep beep beep beep:: my world is a dying world and I have been sent by the High Council of Detox to find female earth creatures for breeding, and new supplies of meth
TakeMyEnemaPlease> and it seems that you and your hubby meet are needs
sharon> good
TakeMyEnemaPlease> so, would you be willing???
sharon> yes
TakeMyEnemaPlease> you'd be willing to re-populate planet Detox, and bring meth too?
TakeMyEnemaPlease> actually, fuck the kids, bring the meth, kids are a pain in the ass anyway, don't you think?
TakeMyEnemaPlease> Can you be in Cape Kennedy by this thrusday?
TakeMyEnemaPlease> ::beep beep beep beep::
TakeMyEnemaPlease> sharon, sharon, your transmission is starting to fade ...
TakeMyEnemaPlease> fade-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e
TakeMyEnemaPlease> need more meth, need more meth, need more meth, need more meth,
TakeMyEnemaPlease> yeah, you don't have any meth, bitch.

Dr Hunter Douglas aka BiBentPenis resorts to more trickery in his quest for the link between the criminal mind and sexual deviancy

IgetUrWifeUwatch> and thick?
BiBentPenis> thick like cheese
IgetUrWifeUwatch> whoa
IgetUrWifeUwatch> head onmine is very big
IgetUrWifeUwatch> helmet shape
IgetUrWifeUwatch> heavy balls
BiBentPenis> does it hurt when you urinate?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> sometimes
IgetUrWifeUwatch> load built it does
IgetUrWifeUwatch> cock hard an pissin
BiBentPenis> man, I hate when that happens, makes me want to cut it off
IgetUrWifeUwatch> early morning alot
BiBentPenis> I am not married though, does that matter?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> then to top it off
IgetUrWifeUwatch> is ok
IgetUrWifeUwatch> to top it off
IgetUrWifeUwatch> the sights in this in this house in the mornings
BiBentPenis> sights, tell me, tell me!!!
IgetUrWifeUwatch> ah
IgetUrWifeUwatch> sometimes..even mom
IgetUrWifeUwatch> youknow
BiBentPenis> is mom hot?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> seein em half dressed for
BiBentPenis> man, that would make me pig iron hard
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes
IgetUrWifeUwatch> moms older but'gawd
IgetUrWifeUwatch> solid type
BiBentPenis> has mom got a name?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> busty
IgetUrWifeUwatch> kinda sassy lookin
IgetUrWifeUwatch> Genea
BiBentPenis> does she play bingo, I meet a lot of hot older women at the bingo game
IgetUrWifeUwatch> daughters make my cock hurt to
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes does loves it
IgetUrWifeUwatch> is busty
IgetUrWifeUwatch> solid
IgetUrWifeUwatch> makeup is hot always has been
BiBentPenis> do you ever try mom's underwear on, I mean, just to see what you look like?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you know
IgetUrWifeUwatch> heavy eye liner
IgetUrWifeUwatch> greasy shiny bright silver eye shadow
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes have
IgetUrWifeUwatch> an girdles
IgetUrWifeUwatch> slips
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you use to do that to?
BiBentPenis> promise not to tell anyone?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes promise
BiBentPenis> because I would hate to be made fun of.
BiBentPenis> I am wearing my mothers house coat and fuzzy slippers right now
IgetUrWifeUwatch> k
IgetUrWifeUwatch> ho gawd
IgetUrWifeUwatch> then you did like seeein her in her slips...hose..bras
BiBentPenis> she isn't hot like your mom though, tits kind of sag
BiBentPenis> and she has those blue lines in her legs
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mmmmm fuck yes
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mom juggs
IgetUrWifeUwatch> ooo gawd yesss
IgetUrWifeUwatch> hairy cunt
IgetUrWifeUwatch> be nice tah feel up
BiBentPenis> I never looked at it that way,
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes
IgetUrWifeUwatch> one day when you n her are home alone
BiBentPenis> mom was mean to me as a kid
IgetUrWifeUwatch> ho ...stern
BiBentPenis> yeah, tied me to the kitchen table and made me eat cat food,
IgetUrWifeUwatch> oh
BiBentPenis> it was pretty good
IgetUrWifeUwatch> her in her bra..slip..nylons?
BiBentPenis> yeah, bra, slip, nylons,
BiBentPenis> and tennis racket
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mmmmmmmm
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you got hard I bet
BiBentPenis> have you ever been smacked with a tennis racket by a women in her underwear?
BiBentPenis> It is humiliating
BiBentPenis> well, yeah I tried to get hard, but mom had my penis taped down, i think that is how it became bent
BiBentPenis> you there IgetUrWifeUwatch?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> bye
BiBentPenis> huh?
BiBentPenis> no wait
BiBentPenis> please
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes?
BiBentPenis> did I do something wrong?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> not my bag your chattin about sorry
BiBentPenis> what would you like to chat about?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> I like the "mom subject"
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mom n son things
BiBentPenis> ok
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you like that to don't ya
BiBentPenis> yeah, stuff, together right, naughty stuff
IgetUrWifeUwatch> taboo
IgetUrWifeUwatch> like beinhome alone with mom on a rainy day
BiBentPenis> oh yeah, eating micro wave dinners in front of the tv set naked and all hot and sweaty
IgetUrWifeUwatch> in your undies
IgetUrWifeUwatch> mom in her slip..clinging to her
IgetUrWifeUwatch> nylons on
IgetUrWifeUwatch> big shiny cup bra
BiBentPenis> and my Mr Johnson poking his way thru my undies
IgetUrWifeUwatch> beefy lookin
IgetUrWifeUwatch> yes a tent
BiBentPenis> mom is real beefy, she wrestled in the 60's never lost a match
IgetUrWifeUwatch> you'd sneak looks at your mom?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> bye
BiBentPenis> what?
IgetUrWifeUwatch> bye
BiBentPenis> ok, she lost once in awhile
BiBentPenis> geez

Saturday, January 29, 2005

DrHunterDouglas goes undercover as femaleguy part 2

M4CumSlut> hi
M4CumSlut> would love to hear how fem you really are...........
femaleguy> could you hold for a minute M4Cunslut?
M4CumSlut> i sure can
femaleguy> hello again
M4CumSlut> old r u?
femaleguy> 27, but I look younger, but I really am 27
M4CumSlut> nice, i'm 41
femaleguy> I'm not in high school, honest
M4CumSlut> how are you fem?
femaleguy> I have a lisp, and I limp a little bit
femaleguy> and I wear girlie bits under my uniform
M4CumSlut> do you enjoy older men?
femaleguy> yeah, they are so much more intelligent than boys, I mean men, my age
M4CumSlut> do you like facials and taking cock up your asspussy?
femaleguy> is there any other way to go?
femaleguy> I have a question for you, if you don't mind me asking
M4CumSlut> go ahead
femaleguy> you cum a lot, right?
M4CumSlut> yes
femaleguy> how much, a thimble full, a shot glass, more???
M4CumSlut> more
femaleguy> really, how much, more than 4 ounces?
M4CumSlut> depends on how long you tease me......usually a little more than a shot glass
femaleguy> you could fill a lot of asspussy with that much cum
M4CumSlut> would drip out of your pussy
femaleguy> you are a guy right?
M4CumSlut> yes
femaleguy> I get so many women pretending to be guys IMing me, it is such a pain in the asspussy
M4CumSlut> what limits do you have with sex?
femaleguy> oh usually about a half hour including foreplay and a piss and gargle afterwards
femaleguy> what limits do you have?
M4CumSlut> i meant how far would you go.....piss?
femaleguy> you want me to piss now?
M4CumSlut> will you piss in your mouth?
femaleguy> I'm afraid I'll get my new victoria secret undies wet
M4CumSlut> take em off
M4CumSlut> what kind are they?
femaleguy> push up bra and g-string XXL
M4CumSlut> are you a fat guy?
femaleguy> define fat?
M4CumSlut> what r u a lawyer.....?
M4CumSlut> are you a fat fuck?
femaleguy> no, I am med school
M4CumSlut> and..............?
femaleguy> I'm not fat, I have man hips, women don't have man hips, that is why I take an XXL
M4CumSlut> now was that so hard to answer?
femaleguy> you hurt my feelings, no femaleguy likes to be called fat, how would you like it if i called you bald???
femaleguy> OMG, you aren't bald are you, I'm sorry!
M4CumSlut> i am bald.....and i'm not a pussy to cry about it
femaleguy> how bald?
M4CumSlut> the crown
femaleguy> you can't grow grass on a playground, right, hahaha
femaleguy> what are you wearing?
M4CumSlut> yea.....
M4CumSlut> boxer briefs
femaleguy> I bet Mr Johnson is poking out of your boxer briefs, isn't he?
M4CumSlut> no, my cock is not hard yet
femaleguy> it is limpid?
femaleguy> falcid?
M4CumSlut> probably best if we chat with're not too much fun
femaleguy> sorry, I have trouble thinking when I am hot for manlove
M4CumSlut> whatever
femaleguy> oh man, your WHATEVER, just made me spew man juice all over myself
femaleguy> do you have an extra tissue?
femaleguy> M4???
femaleguy> CumSlut???
femaleguy> fine, I guess my asspussy will be unfulfilled again tonight,

DrHunterDouglas goes undercover as femaleguy

steve22> how r u
femaleguy> I'm a little sluggish today
steve22> where u from
femaleguy> Nova Scotia, I mean New Hampshire
steve22> what r u into
femaleguy> bubble gum sex, are you familiar with that?
steve22> no please tell
femaleguy> it's when both partners chew bubble gum while, you know, doing it, a friend of mine from California said it's all the rage out there
steve22> ok cool
femaleguy> it get's me really turned on
femaleguy> do you have any bubble gum?
steve22> yes
femaleguy> hahaha, I almost typed bubble GUN!!!
steve22> do u haev pics
femaleguy> what kind of pics, glamour shots, or family gatherings?
steve22> any
femaleguy> no, my hard drive crashed last week, and I lost them all
femaleguy> I'm typing this from the library
steve22> do u ever do phone
femaleguy> so I have to be careful
femaleguy> yeah, I used to, I got in trouble though
steve22> how
femaleguy> they were monitoring my phone calls
steve22> who
femaleguy> the kryblar from planet Detox
steve22> ok
steve22> r u hard
femaleguy> pig iron hard
femaleguy> how about you?
steve22> very
femaleguy> so you belive in aliens too, huh?
femaleguy> the kryblar from planet Detox are all bisexual, did you know that
femaleguy> hello, hello, steve22 are u there???
steve22> can i call u
femaleguy> you can call me Wanda, but that isn't my real name
steve22> on phone
femaleguy> oh, CAN you call me, I'm at the library, I don't think they have a phone
femaleguy> steve22, are you still there, my pig iron is wavering
femaleguy> steve22???
femaleguy> fine, I bet your name isn't really steve, and I bet you aren't 22 either
femaleguy> you're really a girl pretending to be a guy, aren't you?
steve22> will we phone or not
femaleguy> I'm at the library, how can I phone you?
steve22> bye
femaleguy> my friends never told me this would be so difficult
femaleguy> wait steve ... aw dammit,

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Case Study #6, I think

lovecumM> hey
DrHunterDouglas> hello there
lovecumM> into guys?
DrHunterDouglas> are you a guy?
lovecumM> yup
lovecumM> bicurious
DrHunterDouglas> are you into Dr's?
lovecumM> ???????????
lovecumM> have msn? wanna watch me play with myself?
DrHunterDouglas> I was trying to break the ice, I am a doctor, so I asked if you are into doctors
lovecumM> check my prostate?
DrHunterDouglas> does MSN have solitare now?
DrHunterDouglas> is it prostate, or prostrate, I can never remember
lovecumM> not sure why?
DrHunterDouglas> Oh, I'm not that kind of doctor, I am a psychiatrist, but I imagine I could check your prostate for you if you wish
lovecumM> into guys?
lovecumM> have msn? I cam cam wanna watch?
DrHunterDouglas> I have guy friends if that is what you mean
DrHunterDouglas> there are a lot of male psychiatrists
lovecumM> ever play with a guys dick?
DrHunterDouglas> no, have you
DrHunterDouglas> what's it like?
lovecumM> twice
DrHunterDouglas> is it like playing with your own dick,
DrHunterDouglas> I've never played with own dick either
lovecumM> he swallowed the first time..its weird..can't believe I was touching a guys dick..before I knew it it was in my mouth
DrHunterDouglas> what was his name, it would be hilarious if it was Dick! lol lol!!!
DrHunterDouglas> dammit Hunter, you blew it again, someone wants to talk with you and you get carried away again, you are such a dummmy, ::kicking myself::

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Case Study #5

BiKinkySlut> dr my pussy is soaking whats the cure?
DrHunterDouglas> I guess aspirin is out of the question
BiKinkySlut> i could try
DrHunterDouglas> actually I am a psychiatrist
BiKinkySlut> whats the cure for a nympomaniac
BiKinkySlut> not sure on exactly speling
DrHunterDouglas> if I knew that, I'd be a millionaire ... wait, I am a millionaire
BiKinkySlut> then you know?
DrHunterDouglas> me either, I have my secretary do all my spelling for me
DrHunterDouglas> are you a nympomaniac?
DrHunterDouglas> the spelling looks pretty good to me
BiKinkySlut> is it an actual psychiatric sondtion ass i think i suffer not that i actualy want curing though
DrHunterDouglas> If you would allow me to ask you a few questions, for purely scientific purposes maybe I could determine if you are indeed a nympomaniac
BiKinkySlut> gladly
DrHunterDouglas> 1. Do you think about sex all the time?
BiKinkySlut> no more often than that
DrHunterDouglas> Hmmmm
DrHunterDouglas> 2. Do you find mundane everyday things sexually arousing, for instance, when you look at a cucumber do you get aroused?
BiKinkySlut> yes normally as it taees 15 seconds before it is full arousing me
BiKinkySlut> x
DrHunterDouglas> do you prefer regular cucumbers or seedless?
BiKinkySlut> do they sell seedless?
DrHunterDouglas> Yes, they do, I think they are less apt to cause heartburn.
BiKinkySlut> is see i'l look out for them in the uk
DrHunterDouglas> I'm sorry, I got off the subject
BiKinkySlut> thats ok
DrHunterDouglas> 3. Do you masturbate while watching television?
BiKinkySlut> i was stil on it
DrHunterDouglas> you were on a cucumber???
BiKinkySlut> i masturbate whist doing everything from shopping to coocking
DrHunterDouglas> what is your favorite show to masturbate too?
BiKinkySlut> not right then but was thinking about it
DrHunterDouglas> your favorite television program to masturbate to?
BiKinkySlut> hard to say i like soaps
DrHunterDouglas> How about the Benny Hill Show?
BiKinkySlut> never seen it
BiKinkySlut> too young i guess but i have heard of him
DrHunterDouglas> Oh man, he is really funny, sometimes I laugh so hard while watching him I almost puke
DrHunterDouglas> You like soaps???
BiKinkySlut> sounds good
DrHunterDouglas> How about Coronation Street?
BiKinkySlut> as much as with eastenders
DrHunterDouglas> I'm in the states, we get Coronation Street on cable but not Eastenders
BiKinkySlut> morfe atractive stars
DrHunterDouglas> Ah, yes, Coronation street has a lot of dogs on it
DrHunterDouglas> By the way, are you male or female?
BiKinkySlut> yes
DrHunterDouglas> I guess since you are bi it doesn't really matter, does it
BiKinkySlut> i'm fem
DrHunterDouglas> What question are we on?
DrHunterDouglas> ah #4
BiKinkySlut> next is the 4th
DrHunterDouglas> 4. Have you ever masturbated thinking about a member of the royal family, past or present?
BiKinkySlut> oh yes
DrHunterDouglas> Which ones?
BiKinkySlut> harry and his brother and zara
DrHunterDouglas> zara?
DrHunterDouglas> I always thought zara was one of the royal hounds, who us zara?
DrHunterDouglas> who is?
BiKinkySlut> a princess
DrHunterDouglas> one of fergies?
BiKinkySlut> not actually too sure
DrHunterDouglas> So what do you think of William going to the party dressed as a nazi?
BiKinkySlut> foolish but he is youngish and it was a private party and it has been blown up over the top and he looks sexy
DrHunterDouglas> do you think he is sexier than Adolph Hitler?
BiKinkySlut> oh yess
BiKinkySlut> i'd fuck them both but i'd enjoy harry more
DrHunterDouglas> you'd fuck Adolph Hitler??
BiKinkySlut> i'd fuck every man alive once
BiKinkySlut> i might kill him after he cum in me
DrHunterDouglas> Hitler died a virgin, did you know that? Would you have liked to been his first?
BiKinkySlut> i don't like the guy but imagine saying you fucked him
BiKinkySlut> i didn't
DrHunterDouglas> Yes, I read that Hitler was a bad man, I can understand why you wouldn't have liked him
BiKinkySlut> ha ha
DrHunterDouglas> How about Prince Charles, or is he too old for you?
BiKinkySlut> i'd fuck him but for the same reasons as adolf
DrHunterDouglas> I don't think he is nearly as bad as Hitler, but I'll never forgive for the way he treated Princess Diana and Elton John
DrHunterDouglas> never forgive him
DrHunterDouglas> Isn't Elton John bisexual too?
BiKinkySlut> not sure think he is just guy
BiKinkySlut> gay
DrHunterDouglas> have you ever met him?
BiKinkySlut> no
DrHunterDouglas> do you have any of his CD's?
BiKinkySlut> no
DrHunterDouglas> I really like the song Rocket Man, but that is about all
DrHunterDouglas> Cause I'm a rocket man-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n!!!!
BiKinkySlut> it's a good one
BiKinkySlut> nexxt question dr
DrHunterDouglas> Oh yes, I'm sorry, forgive my meandering
BiKinkySlut> thats ok
DrHunterDouglas> 7. What is the last thing you think of before going to bed?
BiKinkySlut> wether to use my latex fist dildo or my own fist
DrHunterDouglas> did you go to a shop to buy the latex fist didlo or did you buy it online?
BiKinkySlut> online it's not in my local adult shop
DrHunterDouglas> I buy all my sex aides online too, as a doctor it would be quite embarrassing to be seen in a sex shoppe
BiKinkySlut> what do you have
DrHunterDouglas> mostly x-rated comic books
DrHunterDouglas> they crack me up, man, are they ever funny
DrHunterDouglas> I like regular comics too
BiKinkySlut> mostyly what else dr
DrHunterDouglas> ahh, you caught me, didn't you
DrHunterDouglas> are you trying to find out if I'm a nympomaniac?
BiKinkySlut> yes
DrHunterDouglas> are you going to doctor school?
BiKinkySlut> well actauall just what turns you on and what your fetish is
BiKinkySlut> no
DrHunterDouglas> I have always been partial to peanut butter body rubs
DrHunterDouglas> do you find that odd?
BiKinkySlut> no
BiKinkySlut> i like licking chocolate of people and i luv licking cum out of pussies
DrHunterDouglas> oh, and you wanna know what else turns me on?
BiKinkySlut> i do yes
DrHunterDouglas> riding my bicycle without wearing underpants
BiKinkySlut> ever done that with a bott plugg
DrHunterDouglas> no, I don't have a bott plugg
BiKinkySlut> buy one and try it or a small dildo i luv it though on a horse is better
DrHunterDouglas> I'm afraid of horses.
BiKinkySlut> oh well don't do that then but i bet it would take your mind off it
DrHunterDouglas> I remember when I was a child I wouldn't even get my picture taken on a pony at the carnival
DrHunterDouglas> I do like dogs though, small ones, not big ones
BiKinkySlut> oh well next question then better move on
DrHunterDouglas> 9. What are you wearing right now?
BiKinkySlut> black panties
BiKinkySlut> wet ones
BiKinkySlut> are you single?
DrHunterDouglas> would you like to change them, I could wait, I don't want you to be uncomfortable
DrHunterDouglas> Fine, all I have is one last question.
BiKinkySlut> i'll what ever you want me to i like to dress how my lover wish
DrHunterDouglas> 10. If I were to visit England would you go out dancing with me?
BiKinkySlut> my last gf loved latex my last bf loved mini skirts and so on i wear what turns them on
BiKinkySlut> yes
DrHunterDouglas> DECENT!!!!!
BiKinkySlut> would you fuck me
DrHunterDouglas> Sorry, I got carried away
BiKinkySlut> thats ok
BiKinkySlut> what can i wear for you
DrHunterDouglas> do you have a football outift>
BiKinkySlut> american football or britsih soccer?
DrHunterDouglas> british
BiKinkySlut> i have a manchester utd shirt and a nice pair of tight shorts but ther not matching
DrHunterDouglas> Of coure american wouldn't be bad either
BiKinkySlut> don't have them but i like the dallas cowboys
DrHunterDouglas> cowboys suck!!!!
BiKinkySlut> i never said they were good
DrHunterDouglas> I hate that team
BiKinkySlut> so am i a nyphomaniac or do you need further questions
DrHunterDouglas> let me get my thoughts together for a second, and I will give you my opinion
BiKinkySlut> sure
DrHunterDouglas> yes, it is my learned opinion that you are indeed a nymphiomaniaiac
DrHunterDouglas> I'm sorry, but that;s my opinion
BiKinkySlut> i thought so, can you help dr?
DrHunterDouglas> and I'm a doctor, so I know these things
DrHunterDouglas> Yes, I can help you, I think you need to quit thinking about sex so much, it isn't healthy and that is what is making you a nympopmanicac
BiKinkySlut> but i can not help it and i do enjoy it so do my friends
DrHunterDouglas> are your friends nynphomaniacas too>
DrHunterDouglas> I think my keyboard is broken
BiKinkySlut> i'm not sure but we all have fun fucking
BiKinkySlut> thats ok
BiKinkySlut> i can not spell anyway
DrHunterDouglas> you need to hire a secretary to do your spelling for you, that is what I did
BiKinkySlut> i wish i could afford to but i am only a student
DrHunterDouglas> do you have any other questions? three other people are sending me messages, I think they need my help too
BiKinkySlut> i don't but i did enjoy answering your
BiKinkySlut> if you wish to go though don't let me hold you back
BiKinkySlut> or do you wish to do rolepaly or something
DrHunterDouglas> I am a doctor and that is what I do best, yes, I think I should try to help these other people, one more thing though, you should probably change your panties before you catch a chill or something
BiKinkySlut> there wet with cum but if you insist
DrHunterDouglas> goodnight then Miss BiKinkySlut, I hope our little chat has helped you

Friday, January 14, 2005

Socializing with my peers

[rachell46] Hello DrHunterDouglas
[13InchDad] what's up doc?
>> Diane has left room #Fetish
DrHunterDouglas> hi kids!
[13InchDad] what's happening?
DrHunterDouglas> not much, just got back from an emergency session
[13InchDad] gee... what happened??
>> BigMike48 has joined room #Fetish
[rachell46] hello BigMike48
[BigMike48] Hey there Rachel...thanks for the welcome
DrHunterDouglas> one of my patients at the Vermont State Prison in Montpelier had an episode
[rachell46] your welcome BIgMike
[13InchDad] not good...
[BigMike48] an episode? of what Doc?
DrHunterDouglas> It wasn't that bad, he broke into the nurse's locker room and stole a nurses uniform
[13InchDad] lol
DrHunterDouglas> of course he put the uniform on and insisted that everyone call him Nurse Ratched
[13InchDad] LMAO
[BigMike48] well it's nice t be home finally Rachel...I had a long bout you?
DrHunterDouglas> Yeah, I know, it is hard to believe that this guy was once a button man for the Vermont mob

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Case Study #4, A Quick Study

BiM4PhoneOrCam> Hi
DrHunterDouglas> hello
BiM4PhoneOrCam> like to do phone?
DrHunterDouglas> phone what?
BiM4PhoneOrCam> talk on the phone?
DrHunterDouglas> I talk on the phone alot
BiM4PhoneOrCam> want to with me now
DrHunterDouglas> are you trying to sell me a subcription to TV Guide?
BiM4PhoneOrCam> no like to do phones sex with you
DrHunterDouglas> wow, I have never heard of that before, is it fun?
BiM4PhoneOrCam> yes
DrHunterDouglas> have you ever got tangled up in the cord while phone sexing?
>> BiM4PhoneOrCam has left room

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Case Study #3

UncleStroking> hi doc
DrHunterDouglas> hello Uncle Stroking
DrHunterDouglas> hmmm, I guess the fact that I am a doctor frightened him off, I'd better make a note of that,
UncleStroking> no, hi, sorry, i dodnt see your reply,lol
DrHunterDouglas> that's ok
UncleStroking> hows things today?
DrHunterDouglas> I've had a long day, a little tired, how about you Uncle Stroking?
UncleStroking> its morning here, so im still in bed, just doing what comes naturally, lol
DrHunterDouglas> that would be stroking, right?
DrHunterDouglas> lol
UncleStroking> thats right just having my morning masturbation session
DrHunterDouglas> it sounds like you have a regular routine for masturbation
UncleStroking> yes i do, usually frst thing in the morning, and before i go to sleep in the evening
UncleStroking> i always thought as id get older id do it less, doesnt seem to be working out like that though, lol
DrHunterDouglas> it's really a coincidence that you you like to masturbate(stroke) and your name is stroking
UncleStroking> smile, yes, isnt it!
UncleStroking> im Alan, by the way, 40, in the uk
DrHunterDouglas> Hello Alan, I am Doctor Hunter Douglas, in the states, pleased to meet you
UncleStroking> hi there, what sort of doctor are you?
DrHunterDouglas> you're 40 too? what day were you born?
UncleStroking> 14th
DrHunterDouglas> no kidding, me too, what month?
UncleStroking> december
DrHunterDouglas> wow, that was close, I was born september 14th
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> that would have been spooky!
UncleStroking> very
DrHunterDouglas> by the way, I am a psychiatrist
UncleStroking> ok, cool
DrHunterDouglas> did I spell that right? I usually have my secretary type that out for me
UncleStroking> lol
UncleStroking> ive thought about visiting a shrink sometimes, lol
DrHunterDouglas> well, now that you have me here, can I be of any help?
UncleStroking> not sure, just that i have an obsession with my neices, well, my god daughters actually, lol
UncleStroking> i often picture them while i masturbate
DrHunterDouglas> I know what you mean, I have an obsession with the television show Changing Rooms, do you think that is weird?
UncleStroking> lol, a little, lol
UncleStroking> is it the program, or someone in it?
DrHunterDouglas> you take pictures of yourself while you masturbate, webcam or digital camera ... oh, it's that blonde woman with the funny accent.
UncleStroking> yes i do
DrHunterDouglas> I get BBC America on cable, it is one of my favorite channels
UncleStroking> the scottish girl, carol smiley
DrHunterDouglas> I'm not sure, is she skinny?
UncleStroking> yes, blonde, has been presenting the show while pregnant a couple of years ago
DrHunterDouglas> I don't know what it is, but it seems like she is doing the show just for me.
UncleStroking> lol
UncleStroking> i was hopeing you could help me with my problem,lol
DrHunterDouglas> man, here I am telling you all my hangups, I know, I know lol, it sounds like I need a psychiatrist too!
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> what brand of digicam do you use, I have a canon
UncleStroking> i have a sony, but my computer has a webcam built in to it
DrHunterDouglas> do you mind if I take notes? I am doing a research paper for the Vermont Penal System.
UncleStroking> not at all
DrHunterDouglas> thank you, I would hate to mis represent myself
UncleStroking> please, ask me any questions you think would help
UncleStroking> im happy to do anything you think would help you adise me
UncleStroking> advise
DrHunterDouglas> have you ever been arrested? I ask this because my research is on the link between deviant sexual behavior and the criminal mind
UncleStroking> no, i havnt
DrHunterDouglas> ok, let me write that down
DrHunterDouglas> you spell behavior with a u, don't you?
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> I couldn't never figure that out
DrHunterDouglas> Have you ever thought about a member of the royal family while you masturbated?
DrHunterDouglas> or former member
UncleStroking> hmmm, princess Di a couple of times maybe
UncleStroking> oh, and Fergie
DrHunterDouglas> didn't she pass away a year or two ago, I seem to remember reading about that
DrHunterDouglas> Oh man, Fergie is HOT!!!
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> Do you think she is a natural red head?
UncleStroking> yes,i would say so
UncleStroking> you are easily distracted,lol
DrHunterDouglas> I hope you don't think about the queen when you masturbate, that would make me puke
UncleStroking> no,lol
DrHunterDouglas> I'm sorry about that, it's been a long day
UncleStroking> its ok, sorry, i was hoping you could help with my obsession, but your a bit tired obviuosly,lol
DrHunterDouglas> well, if I can be honest with you, I have a drinking problem and I guess I had a little bit too much to drink tonight
UncleStroking> ok
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> you have an obsession with the scottish girl from changing rooms, is that correct?
UncleStroking> no, with my two young god daughters
DrHunterDouglas> dammit, I just spilled my drink all over my notes.
DrHunterDouglas> and they are on the tv show changing rooms?
DrHunterDouglas> does my head ever hurt.
DrHunterDouglas> oh well, thank you for your co-operation, I am sure this will be a big help on my research paper, thank you.