Thursday, January 20, 2005

Case Study #6, I think

lovecumM> hey
DrHunterDouglas> hello there
lovecumM> into guys?
DrHunterDouglas> are you a guy?
lovecumM> yup
lovecumM> bicurious
DrHunterDouglas> are you into Dr's?
lovecumM> ???????????
lovecumM> have msn? wanna watch me play with myself?
DrHunterDouglas> I was trying to break the ice, I am a doctor, so I asked if you are into doctors
lovecumM> check my prostate?
DrHunterDouglas> does MSN have solitare now?
DrHunterDouglas> is it prostate, or prostrate, I can never remember
lovecumM> not sure why?
DrHunterDouglas> Oh, I'm not that kind of doctor, I am a psychiatrist, but I imagine I could check your prostate for you if you wish
lovecumM> into guys?
lovecumM> have msn? I cam cam wanna watch?
DrHunterDouglas> I have guy friends if that is what you mean
DrHunterDouglas> there are a lot of male psychiatrists
lovecumM> ever play with a guys dick?
DrHunterDouglas> no, have you
DrHunterDouglas> what's it like?
lovecumM> twice
DrHunterDouglas> is it like playing with your own dick,
DrHunterDouglas> I've never played with own dick either
lovecumM> he swallowed the first time..its weird..can't believe I was touching a guys dick..before I knew it it was in my mouth
DrHunterDouglas> what was his name, it would be hilarious if it was Dick! lol lol!!!
DrHunterDouglas> dammit Hunter, you blew it again, someone wants to talk with you and you get carried away again, you are such a dummmy, ::kicking myself::


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