Saturday, January 29, 2005

DrHunterDouglas goes undercover as femaleguy

steve22> how r u
femaleguy> I'm a little sluggish today
steve22> where u from
femaleguy> Nova Scotia, I mean New Hampshire
steve22> what r u into
femaleguy> bubble gum sex, are you familiar with that?
steve22> no please tell
femaleguy> it's when both partners chew bubble gum while, you know, doing it, a friend of mine from California said it's all the rage out there
steve22> ok cool
femaleguy> it get's me really turned on
femaleguy> do you have any bubble gum?
steve22> yes
femaleguy> hahaha, I almost typed bubble GUN!!!
steve22> do u haev pics
femaleguy> what kind of pics, glamour shots, or family gatherings?
steve22> any
femaleguy> no, my hard drive crashed last week, and I lost them all
femaleguy> I'm typing this from the library
steve22> do u ever do phone
femaleguy> so I have to be careful
femaleguy> yeah, I used to, I got in trouble though
steve22> how
femaleguy> they were monitoring my phone calls
steve22> who
femaleguy> the kryblar from planet Detox
steve22> ok
steve22> r u hard
femaleguy> pig iron hard
femaleguy> how about you?
steve22> very
femaleguy> so you belive in aliens too, huh?
femaleguy> the kryblar from planet Detox are all bisexual, did you know that
femaleguy> hello, hello, steve22 are u there???
steve22> can i call u
femaleguy> you can call me Wanda, but that isn't my real name
steve22> on phone
femaleguy> oh, CAN you call me, I'm at the library, I don't think they have a phone
femaleguy> steve22, are you still there, my pig iron is wavering
femaleguy> steve22???
femaleguy> fine, I bet your name isn't really steve, and I bet you aren't 22 either
femaleguy> you're really a girl pretending to be a guy, aren't you?
steve22> will we phone or not
femaleguy> I'm at the library, how can I phone you?
steve22> bye
femaleguy> my friends never told me this would be so difficult
femaleguy> wait steve ... aw dammit,


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