Thursday, January 13, 2005

Case Study #4, A Quick Study

BiM4PhoneOrCam> Hi
DrHunterDouglas> hello
BiM4PhoneOrCam> like to do phone?
DrHunterDouglas> phone what?
BiM4PhoneOrCam> talk on the phone?
DrHunterDouglas> I talk on the phone alot
BiM4PhoneOrCam> want to with me now
DrHunterDouglas> are you trying to sell me a subcription to TV Guide?
BiM4PhoneOrCam> no like to do phones sex with you
DrHunterDouglas> wow, I have never heard of that before, is it fun?
BiM4PhoneOrCam> yes
DrHunterDouglas> have you ever got tangled up in the cord while phone sexing?
>> BiM4PhoneOrCam has left room


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