Saturday, January 29, 2005

DrHunterDouglas goes undercover as femaleguy part 2

M4CumSlut> hi
M4CumSlut> would love to hear how fem you really are...........
femaleguy> could you hold for a minute M4Cunslut?
M4CumSlut> i sure can
femaleguy> hello again
M4CumSlut> old r u?
femaleguy> 27, but I look younger, but I really am 27
M4CumSlut> nice, i'm 41
femaleguy> I'm not in high school, honest
M4CumSlut> how are you fem?
femaleguy> I have a lisp, and I limp a little bit
femaleguy> and I wear girlie bits under my uniform
M4CumSlut> do you enjoy older men?
femaleguy> yeah, they are so much more intelligent than boys, I mean men, my age
M4CumSlut> do you like facials and taking cock up your asspussy?
femaleguy> is there any other way to go?
femaleguy> I have a question for you, if you don't mind me asking
M4CumSlut> go ahead
femaleguy> you cum a lot, right?
M4CumSlut> yes
femaleguy> how much, a thimble full, a shot glass, more???
M4CumSlut> more
femaleguy> really, how much, more than 4 ounces?
M4CumSlut> depends on how long you tease me......usually a little more than a shot glass
femaleguy> you could fill a lot of asspussy with that much cum
M4CumSlut> would drip out of your pussy
femaleguy> you are a guy right?
M4CumSlut> yes
femaleguy> I get so many women pretending to be guys IMing me, it is such a pain in the asspussy
M4CumSlut> what limits do you have with sex?
femaleguy> oh usually about a half hour including foreplay and a piss and gargle afterwards
femaleguy> what limits do you have?
M4CumSlut> i meant how far would you go.....piss?
femaleguy> you want me to piss now?
M4CumSlut> will you piss in your mouth?
femaleguy> I'm afraid I'll get my new victoria secret undies wet
M4CumSlut> take em off
M4CumSlut> what kind are they?
femaleguy> push up bra and g-string XXL
M4CumSlut> are you a fat guy?
femaleguy> define fat?
M4CumSlut> what r u a lawyer.....?
M4CumSlut> are you a fat fuck?
femaleguy> no, I am med school
M4CumSlut> and..............?
femaleguy> I'm not fat, I have man hips, women don't have man hips, that is why I take an XXL
M4CumSlut> now was that so hard to answer?
femaleguy> you hurt my feelings, no femaleguy likes to be called fat, how would you like it if i called you bald???
femaleguy> OMG, you aren't bald are you, I'm sorry!
M4CumSlut> i am bald.....and i'm not a pussy to cry about it
femaleguy> how bald?
M4CumSlut> the crown
femaleguy> you can't grow grass on a playground, right, hahaha
femaleguy> what are you wearing?
M4CumSlut> yea.....
M4CumSlut> boxer briefs
femaleguy> I bet Mr Johnson is poking out of your boxer briefs, isn't he?
M4CumSlut> no, my cock is not hard yet
femaleguy> it is limpid?
femaleguy> falcid?
M4CumSlut> probably best if we chat with're not too much fun
femaleguy> sorry, I have trouble thinking when I am hot for manlove
M4CumSlut> whatever
femaleguy> oh man, your WHATEVER, just made me spew man juice all over myself
femaleguy> do you have an extra tissue?
femaleguy> M4???
femaleguy> CumSlut???
femaleguy> fine, I guess my asspussy will be unfulfilled again tonight,


Blogger Jonnie 7-11 said...

"you can't grow grass on a playground" hahahaha

January 29, 2005 at 6:03 PM  
Blogger jKlyydRs said...

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January 16, 2006 at 6:34 PM  

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