Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Case Study #3

UncleStroking> hi doc
DrHunterDouglas> hello Uncle Stroking
DrHunterDouglas> hmmm, I guess the fact that I am a doctor frightened him off, I'd better make a note of that,
UncleStroking> no, hi, sorry, i dodnt see your reply,lol
DrHunterDouglas> that's ok
UncleStroking> hows things today?
DrHunterDouglas> I've had a long day, a little tired, how about you Uncle Stroking?
UncleStroking> its morning here, so im still in bed, just doing what comes naturally, lol
DrHunterDouglas> that would be stroking, right?
DrHunterDouglas> lol
UncleStroking> thats right just having my morning masturbation session
DrHunterDouglas> it sounds like you have a regular routine for masturbation
UncleStroking> yes i do, usually frst thing in the morning, and before i go to sleep in the evening
UncleStroking> i always thought as id get older id do it less, doesnt seem to be working out like that though, lol
DrHunterDouglas> it's really a coincidence that you you like to masturbate(stroke) and your name is stroking
UncleStroking> smile, yes, isnt it!
UncleStroking> im Alan, by the way, 40, in the uk
DrHunterDouglas> Hello Alan, I am Doctor Hunter Douglas, in the states, pleased to meet you
UncleStroking> hi there, what sort of doctor are you?
DrHunterDouglas> you're 40 too? what day were you born?
UncleStroking> 14th
DrHunterDouglas> no kidding, me too, what month?
UncleStroking> december
DrHunterDouglas> wow, that was close, I was born september 14th
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> that would have been spooky!
UncleStroking> very
DrHunterDouglas> by the way, I am a psychiatrist
UncleStroking> ok, cool
DrHunterDouglas> did I spell that right? I usually have my secretary type that out for me
UncleStroking> lol
UncleStroking> ive thought about visiting a shrink sometimes, lol
DrHunterDouglas> well, now that you have me here, can I be of any help?
UncleStroking> not sure, just that i have an obsession with my neices, well, my god daughters actually, lol
UncleStroking> i often picture them while i masturbate
DrHunterDouglas> I know what you mean, I have an obsession with the television show Changing Rooms, do you think that is weird?
UncleStroking> lol, a little, lol
UncleStroking> is it the program, or someone in it?
DrHunterDouglas> you take pictures of yourself while you masturbate, webcam or digital camera ... oh, it's that blonde woman with the funny accent.
UncleStroking> yes i do
DrHunterDouglas> I get BBC America on cable, it is one of my favorite channels
UncleStroking> the scottish girl, carol smiley
DrHunterDouglas> I'm not sure, is she skinny?
UncleStroking> yes, blonde, has been presenting the show while pregnant a couple of years ago
DrHunterDouglas> I don't know what it is, but it seems like she is doing the show just for me.
UncleStroking> lol
UncleStroking> i was hopeing you could help me with my problem,lol
DrHunterDouglas> man, here I am telling you all my hangups, I know, I know lol, it sounds like I need a psychiatrist too!
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> what brand of digicam do you use, I have a canon
UncleStroking> i have a sony, but my computer has a webcam built in to it
DrHunterDouglas> do you mind if I take notes? I am doing a research paper for the Vermont Penal System.
UncleStroking> not at all
DrHunterDouglas> thank you, I would hate to mis represent myself
UncleStroking> please, ask me any questions you think would help
UncleStroking> im happy to do anything you think would help you adise me
UncleStroking> advise
DrHunterDouglas> have you ever been arrested? I ask this because my research is on the link between deviant sexual behavior and the criminal mind
UncleStroking> no, i havnt
DrHunterDouglas> ok, let me write that down
DrHunterDouglas> you spell behavior with a u, don't you?
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> I couldn't never figure that out
DrHunterDouglas> Have you ever thought about a member of the royal family while you masturbated?
DrHunterDouglas> or former member
UncleStroking> hmmm, princess Di a couple of times maybe
UncleStroking> oh, and Fergie
DrHunterDouglas> didn't she pass away a year or two ago, I seem to remember reading about that
DrHunterDouglas> Oh man, Fergie is HOT!!!
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> Do you think she is a natural red head?
UncleStroking> yes,i would say so
UncleStroking> you are easily distracted,lol
DrHunterDouglas> I hope you don't think about the queen when you masturbate, that would make me puke
UncleStroking> no,lol
DrHunterDouglas> I'm sorry about that, it's been a long day
UncleStroking> its ok, sorry, i was hoping you could help with my obsession, but your a bit tired obviuosly,lol
DrHunterDouglas> well, if I can be honest with you, I have a drinking problem and I guess I had a little bit too much to drink tonight
UncleStroking> ok
UncleStroking> lol
DrHunterDouglas> you have an obsession with the scottish girl from changing rooms, is that correct?
UncleStroking> no, with my two young god daughters
DrHunterDouglas> dammit, I just spilled my drink all over my notes.
DrHunterDouglas> and they are on the tv show changing rooms?
DrHunterDouglas> does my head ever hurt.
DrHunterDouglas> oh well, thank you for your co-operation, I am sure this will be a big help on my research paper, thank you.


Blogger Lisa said...

oh yeah, i fogot to leave a comment last night!! You are frickin hilarious, boz. i was having convulsions reading these--i am pretty sure they were laughter induced, but i kind of blacked out for a minute...


January 12, 2005 at 6:48 PM  
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