Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Case Study #1

Jack_Lation> Hey, whats up doc
DrHunterDouglas> haha, that's funny
Jack_Lation> the oldies are so often the best
DrHunterDouglas> yes, they are
Jack_Lation> so whats happening on your end
DrHunterDouglas> Nothing really, I just got into my office.
Jack_Lation> so whats your field?
DrHunterDouglas> I'm a psychiatrist
Jack_Lation> are you looking for case studies?
Jack_Lation> deviant sexual behaviours?
DrHunterDouglas> Actually I am doing some freelance work for the Vermont penal system and the link between deviant sexual behaviour and the criminal mind, personally I don't think there is one, but that's what they are paying me for
Jack_Lation> i dont think so either
Jack_Lation> my deviant behaviour has nothing to do with my criminal endevours
DrHunterDouglas> It's been slow since I lost that malpractice case, so you take whatever gig you can get.
Jack_Lation> gutted
DrHunterDouglas> may I ask what your fetish is?
Jack_Lation> yes you may
DrHunterDouglas> and what is it?
Jack_Lation> oh yeah
Jack_Lation> its ummm
DrHunterDouglas> You can tell me, I'm a doctor, I've heard things you wouldn't believe
Jack_Lation> r u really a doctor?
DrHunterDouglas> yes, a psychiatrist
DrHunterDouglas> It would be wrong for me to come in here pretending I was something I wasn't
DrHunterDouglas> unethical
Jack_Lation> why, everyone else does it
DrHunterDouglas> do you mind if I take notes?
Jack_Lation> its where you can express your darkest desires
Jack_Lation> to people who have no idea who you are
Jack_Lation> why?
DrHunterDouglas> for my research
Jack_Lation> ok
Jack_Lation> brb
>> Jack_Lation has left room


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