Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Case Study #2

someonessissyslut> hi
DrHunterDouglas> hello
someonessissyslut> how are you
DrHunterDouglas> I'm fine, I just got off from work
someonessissyslut> cool
someonessissyslut> asl
DrHunterDouglas> alaska? no, I am from Vermont.
someonessissyslut> age, sex location lol
DrHunterDouglas> oh, I'm sorry, I am 35, yes, anal if possible, and vermont
someonessissyslut> im 29 m uk
DrHunterDouglas> that's England and those other countries, right?
someonessissyslut> yes
DrHunterDouglas> who's sissy slut are you?
someonessissyslut> nobodys yet
DrHunterDouglas> what does a sissy slut do?
DrHunterDouglas> This always happens, once they realize I am a doctor they leave.
someonessissyslut> dont mind your a doctor
DrHunterDouglas> oh, I thought I had chased you away
someonessissyslut> i like to be tied and have things forced in me
DrHunterDouglas> what kind of things?
someonessissyslut> objects tubes etc, things to hold me open or have me modiifed gto be kept open
DrHunterDouglas> doesn't that hurt?
someonessissyslut> was talkin fanasy wise
DrHunterDouglas> have you ever fantasized about a gerbil, a collegue of mine told me that he once had to remove a gerbil from the anus of a famous movie star
someonessissyslut> not animals
DrHunterDouglas> a gerbil is just a small animal though
someonessissyslut> well if you had me tied i have no choice would i
DrHunterDouglas> how about a flashlight, I believe you call them torches
someonessissyslut> anything
DrHunterDouglas> isn't it odd how our countries use different words to describe the same object
someonessissyslut> yes lol
someonessissyslut> you dominant at all
DrHunterDouglas> as a doctor I need to be, my patients expect it of me
someonessissyslut> would you tie me up
DrHunterDouglas> would you trust a Doctor how was a Nancy Boy?
DrHunterDouglas> who not how
someonessissyslut> not sure but how would i know
DrHunterDouglas> wouldn't it be obvious?
DrHunterDouglas> did you just ask me to tie you up???
someonessissyslut> not straight away
someonessissyslut> you want to cyber
DrHunterDouglas> do you mind if I take notes while we talk?
someonessissyslut> ok
someonessissyslut> how do we start
DrHunterDouglas> excellent, most people are offended when I ask, but I do need to take notes because I am doing a paper for the Vermont Penal System on the link between deviant sexual behaviour and the criminal mind
someonessissyslut> not a criminal though
DrHunterDouglas> hold on, I need to write that down.
DrHunterDouglas> you didn't sound like a criminal
DrHunterDouglas> but that is the thesis for my paper
someonessissyslut> so what would you do to me?
DrHunterDouglas> I would ask you questions ... oh you mean if you were my sissyslut
someonessissyslut> yes
DrHunterDouglas> Hmmm, I would dress you up like a schoolgirl and take you to a rugby match ... how is that?
someonessissyslut> i mean by sttartin to tie me up in your surgery
DrHunterDouglas> I'm a psychiatrist, I don't have a surgery, don't you like rugby??? well, anyway, ummm, what is that fruit that looks like a banana but isn't
DrHunterDouglas> isn't
someonessissyslut> how would you tie me
DrHunterDouglas> is it a plantain?
someonessissyslut> something like that
DrHunterDouglas> isn't that a staple of the west indian diet
someonessissyslut> only part
DrHunterDouglas> oh, I didn't think that was all they ate.
someonessissyslut> lol
DrHunterDouglas> they probably eat at McDonlalds every once in awhile too
someonessissyslut> you mind about doin cyber
DrHunterDouglas> fine!!! what do you want me to do?
someonessissyslut> tie me up and go from there
DrHunterDouglas> You know this isn't easy, I work ten hours a day, I come home, have a hurried dinner, and then I have to do research for my paper
someonessissyslut> i know
someonessissyslut> i work more
DrHunterDouglas> how would you know, are you a doctor too?
someonessissyslut> try bein a chef
DrHunterDouglas> I'm still paying off my loans to doctor school
DrHunterDouglas> an Indian Cheif?
DrHunterDouglas> I use to play that when I was a child
someonessissyslut> do all kinds
DrHunterDouglas> what do they call that dessert that they start on fire when they bring it to your table?
someonessissyslut> you mean the crepe dessert
DrHunterDouglas> I think so
someonessissyslut> or flambee
DrHunterDouglas> the one with the fruit in syrup
someonessissyslut> how would you tie me
DrHunterDouglas> I bet that would burn your mouth pretty bad
someonessissyslut> let it cool first
DrHunterDouglas> funny you should mention tie, I bought a new tie today, one of those Dilbert ties
someonessissyslut> ok
DrHunterDouglas> I knew this would happen, it always does
someonessissyslut> what
DrHunterDouglas> I get so involved in my own life that I forget everything else
someonessissyslut> so go from here
someonessissyslut> cyber
DrHunterDouglas> do you see rachell46 out there, I bet she is hot!!!
someonessissyslut> might be
DrHunterDouglas> do you like girls?
someonessissyslut> yes
DrHunterDouglas> do you want me to see if I can set you up with rachell46?
someonessissyslut> not really
DrHunterDouglas> yeah, she seems kind of bitchy, I don't blame you
someonessissyslut> i think ill leave you to it
DrHunterDouglas> fine, maybe tomorrow
someonessissyslut> maybe not
DrHunterDouglas> you don't have to get hostile, I was just trying to be friendly
someonessissyslut> wasn't hostile
DrHunterDouglas> you seem pretty aggressive for a sissyslut


Blogger Lisa said...

OH MY GOD, DUDE!!!! you are killing me!! (softly)

i have to know!!! did you really go into chat rooms or did you make these up? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze tell me...i'll be your sissy slut? (batting eyelashes, wondering what a sissy slut is)

January 12, 2005 at 6:57 PM  

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